Getting on the train from Budapest to Vienna and using my skills luck in getting good seats without reservations I prevailed.

The train from Vienna to Venice was quite flash

Austria was beautiful and I wish I had the time to explore more. I'd imagine it being quite extra-ordinary during winter.

As soon as I crossed the border, the train staff switched and the Italian conductor tried to charge me for another ticket after the first one was checked!

I think there is a visitor tax upon entry as well they charged on arrival.

The hostel I'm staying in is a mega structure that must sleep hundreds, or maybe a thousand people. Pretty worried its a going to disappointing like via Amsterdam was. Big hostels always tend to designed in a way that reinforces anti-social  behavior with enormous food courts on the ground floors with individual cafe tables where people aren't sitting close enough to have conversation.

The 'Mega' hostel I was staying in. I wonder if many locals objected to the construction of this towering monolith of a building?

My first question will be: How many does this place sleep?

Actually it wasn't bad and I appreciated how normal it is to have sweet cakes for breakfast.

Stock doesn't move very quickly at this book store