A tool for importing activity data from the Fitbit API. Data is sent  to a time series database such as InfluxDB or Prometheus for visualising in Grafana… Or for  possibly sending heart rate alerts to your doctor via PagerDuty :D timatooth/gofit.


A silly cat facial recognition tool using a Rasbperry PI and AWS Lambda to scan frames. Check it out at timatooth/catscanface.


udraw is a HTML5 canvas drawing game. Many people can draw in the  same area with WebSocket and WebRTC Peer-to-Peer connections for  realtime updating. It uses Redis for storage. Currently working on  implementing serverless WebRTC P2P storage methods. You can read more  about how udraw works. You can check out a live running version at


A simple Python http server for fun. Allows you to create REST  endpoints with a super simple Python Decorator syntax. Available to try pip install yahs.


A server statistics monitoring tool for the popular Minecraft game for system administrators. Still available on Bukkit Dev