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Travel to Paris, France


Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris was pretty easy once I figured out what was wrong with my seat reservation. Wrong company purchased from! All good. They sorted it out.

Traveling at 300km/h in a train
The speed of the train was quite impressive. I was curious and tested this using a speedometer app reaching nearly 300 km/h!

Upon arrival I wouldn't recommend hanging around Gare du Nord train station for too long...

French Food Consumed

Day 1

Item Total 
Baguette (petite size) | 4 
Coffee | 2 
Croissant | 2 
Snail | 0 

A street somewhere in Paris




Photography Nerd Info

Canon EOS 6D Mark II EF17-40mm f/4L USM
f4.0 1/200 ISO100
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