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Florence, Italy

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Byron Bay

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Kraków, Poland

 I decided last minute to change my itinerary after hearing plenty of great things about Krakow from other travelers. I'm so glad I did as this was absolutely one of my Europe trip highlights.  Read more

Off to Belgium

A day wandering & cycling in Brussels [IMG_9026.jpg][IMG_9027.jpg][IMG_9028.jpg][IMG_9030.jpg][IMG_9034.jpg][IMG_9035.jpg][IMG_9040.jpg][IMG_9047.jpg] Typical Belgian foods attractions: waffles, frites (Fries) with andalouse (mayo, tomato, capsic... Read more

Travel to Paris, France

Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris was pretty easy once I figured out what was wrong with my seat reservation. Wrong company purchased from! All good. They sorted it out. [Traveling at 300km/h in a train] The speed of the train was quite im... Read more

Melbourne to London via Doha, Qatar

I now have a new personal best for how far I can sit in a plane, covered in red wine.... Fourteen and and a half hours sitting in the king of the skies; a fully laden Qatar Airways Airbus A380. All was well until 40 minutes in they served red wine... Read more

PiHole + Wireguard Road Warrior Setup

I have setup a very basic VPN setup while traveling to prevent tracking & annoying ads on unsecured public WiFi networks. It all runs on a tiny t2.nano AWS EC2 instance costing less than $5/month. The box All this runs on a single t2.nano AWS i... Read more

Traffic Shaping Large Uploads to S3 with MikroTik RouterOS

I currently have a very large collection of Canon Raw DSLR images I want to backup in the cloud in case the unthinkable happens to my external drives. There is one problem: I have 100Mbps down / 20Mbps up Internet speed. Having this going for a f... Read more

Motion Sensing with Raspberry Pi Camera and Cat Face Scanning with AWS Lambda + OpenCV

I wrote a Python script which uses OpenCV for detecting motion with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module for uploading frames to S3. The frames are then scanned by a triggered Lambda function which uses Haar-Cascade object detection to search ... Read more

Tiled HTML5 Canvas Multiplayer Drawing

There are far too may tutorials out there describing how to create a NodeJS app which either involves real time chat or drawing. A couple of years back I was amazed at how easy it was to write 12 lines of JavaScript code, chuck in a <canvas> elem... Read more

udraw: Multiplayer Drawing Canvas

udraw is a multiplayer drawing application like many other drawing apps out there which have surfaced since the rise of WebSockets. Mine happens to expand in size allowing very large drawings on an (unlimited?) sized surface. Each area of the can... Read more